Thursday, 03/29/2018

From: Lucy Banuelos, SGV Instructor

The following message are from SGV Unit members Mike Nugent and Lucy Banuelos.

Click on the REFU1N1 – 2018 Flyer [PDF] for the 13th year of this highly successful officials’ training camp. We are back at UCLA this summer and are proud to say that 5 campers from the past couple of sessions worked CIF or LA City Finals this just concluded season.  Registration starts April 1, 2018.

Thanks so much

Monday, 01/31/2018

From: Esther Hsu, SGV Instructor

I would love to spread the word and invite our unit to attend our camp!
This will be our 4th annual “The Camp To Get You Ready For Camp”, where we focus on teaching 3-person mechanics, networking, videotaping and video breakdown.

We will also have several collegiate coordinators in attendance, so hopefully, this will be a great opportunity for the SGV unit officials to get their names and faces out there in front of these assignors if they’re interested in working college basketball. 

Foundation Officials Camp [PDF]

Campers can visit our website, for registration and more information.

Thanks so much

Tuesday, 01/30/2018

From: Ignacio Alvarez, Playoff Committee Chairperson

Hello Playoff Officials. Our Playoff Meeting is this Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 9:00 am at Mark Keppel HS. Do not be late. Make sure you sign in.

If you cannot attend the meeting, notify me at

If you do not notify me of your absence or you show up late, your playoff status will be affected.

I hope to see everyone on Saturday.

Tuesday, 11/21/2017

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

I trust that everyone’s scrimmage went well on Monday for those that had them. There are still a few more that need to be completed.

Attendance will be updated shortly. Please do not reach out to the assignor to inform him that you have completed your scrimmage. YOUR scrimmage observer has been instructed to email copies of your sign-in sheets so that the proper recording can be completed.

Thank you to those observers that have already sent your sign-in sheets.

Monday, 11/20/2017

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Scrimmages begin today!

  • Sign in for attendance.
  • Stay for the entire scrimmage. (If you leave early, the observers will take note, and you will need to explain to appeal to the Board of Directors for scrimmage credit.)

Many members will meet their Qualification requirements with this meeting. The SGV Unit has a December meeting and a Makeup Meeting in January. If you are still in need of hours San Fernando has a Makeup meeting Sunday, December 3, 2017, 2:00 p.m. at Crespi HS in Encino. The SFV Unit Secretary has already told me that SGV Unit members are welcome to attend.

Have a great week, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, 11/17/2017

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Hello SGV Unit members,

Online attendance has been updated through 11/13/17. If you have ANY issues with your online attendance, please email your questions. If you feel that you have not received credit for attendance in another Unit, copy your Cc’d email in your correspondence and send it to me.

Scrimmages will be updated next week after all scrimmages have been completed.

All of your scrimmage observers have been sent sign-in sheets for your scrimmage.  (They are just like the sign-in sheets for the general membership meetings.) MAKE SURE THAT YOU SIGN IN FOR YOUR SCRIMMAGE IF YOU WISH TO RECEIVE CREDIT. I have the sign-in sheets for the 11/15/17 scrimmages that were completed this week.

Enjoy your scrimmages and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Monday, 11/13/2017

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Hello SGV Unit Members,

We are nearing the end of our classification and qualification process. All attendance has been updated. This year you may now view your attendance online at Attendance is currently updated through 11/12/17.

You may go to, log in, and choose: “Manage My Data”, then “My Attendance Status”

For those of you that have made up meetings in other Units, I have been tracking them on my spreadsheet. I will enter “made up meetings/hours on the attendance as “Other Assoc” in place of meetings that you missed in SGV. There will not be enough places to enter all made up meetings for those that have more than 3 meetings made up in another Unit. If you have multiple makeups I will first fill your missed meeting dates with “other assoc”. If you are veteran officials I will continue this process by placing “other assoc” in Rookie meeting dates. This way there is a visual for you to see online and you can count the number of meetings you are given credit.

If you did not complete the Study Guide or Classification Exam or scored less than an 80% you were given a “Fail”. If you Fail one of these you MUST Pass the makeup exam to become Qualified. If you have already Failed 2 exams, you will be classified as a “Non-Qualified” Member and you will not be able to receive game assignments from the Unit.

If you feel you need to appeal your status or anything else as it pertains to becoming a Qualified member, you may email your appeal to the Board of Directors. Address your message to the Board, and send it via email to any Board Member. You can find email addresses of your Board members on

If you have any questions or issues, please email them to me. Please do not call or text your attendance issues.

Tuesday, 11/07/2017

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

The November 13th Make-Up meeting will be held in the Small Theater near the softball field. It may be easier to park in the lot near the gym.

Monday, 10/23/2017

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

David Solzberg will be offering a free photo day to all referees in need of new pictures for their Arbiter page.

Please email David at or call (626) 487-7835 to schedule an appointment

The studio is located at 125 E Santa Clara St #12 Arcadia and will available all day Friday November 3rd.

Bring a few choices of appropriate attire (nice shirt and jacket if desired).

Sunday, 10/22/2017

Tuesday, 07/25/2017

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Hello SGV Unit Members,

The 2017-2018 Season is just around the corner. The “Instructional Calendar” is now up to date on

Unit Membership. Bring a friend, earn some cash!

As the economy changes, so does the number of sports officials. When the economy shrinks, more individuals pursue sports officiating to add to their income. As the economy expands, fewer people wish to officiate sports. In our recent down economy, the SGV Unit found it necessary to cap our membership. Currently, the SGV Unit is down in numbers. Currently, we are down approximately 30 members. In an attempt to recruit members the Board has approved expenditures to purchase advertisements in school newspapers at area Community Colleges. The Board has also approved the following for the 2017-2018 season. Current members (up to the first 10 members) will be eligible for $25.00 who recruit NEW members to the SGV Unit. The new recruit:

  • Must have never been a member of the SGV Unit
  • Must become a Qualified member of the SGV Unit during the 2017-2018 season
  • Must fill out the online application on and place your name in the “Experience Section”, in the comments area. (This will be used to determine the first “10”

The Board would like to hear your recruiting ideas.

Please take a look at your profile and make sure that it is updated. (I realize that you placed information on the application for your profile, but as stated before, for returning members, their old profile is activated once the application is processed.) Make sure that your mailing address is correct. This is where your “membership card” and Referee magazine will be mailed. Make sure that your email is up to date. All members are responsible for information that is emailed from the unit.

If you find that you can not log on to, you may still need to fill-out the “member application” in order to be “activated”. If you have filled out the application and are not activated, please send an email to:

If you have not filled out the “member application” on, please do so today. Instructional materials are ordered by CBOA from the active member list.

Thursday, 07/13/2017

From: Robert Aguirre, Vice President, Ratings Chairperson,


I hope you all are well. I am reaching out to you to extend another opportunity to improve your officiating ratings score or just continue to work on your on-court skills during the off-season break. This will take place at Alhambra High School Monday, July 17th between 5:00 – 8:00 pm, focusing on 3 person mechanics. Make sure to list the prefer and secondary time you wish to officiate. I will try to accommodate you. The ratings committee/ Observation Team will provide quality instruction in all aspects of officiating with an emphasis on knowledge of 3-person mechanics, game management, and preparing for the upcoming season. The opportunity to learn and improve your skills will be enhanced through on court sessions, and on-c! ourt evaluations.      

All of this will be on a first come basis. If you are interested, please contact Robert Aguirre, Ratings Chair via email at

Best of luck with your upcoming season.

Be safe and stay healthy

Thursday, 06/08/2017

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Hello SGV Members,

Thank you to those that have filled out the “Member Application” on and to those that have sent their dues via check or Paypal. has a new function that I will try to use called “bank book”. As I come across members that have filled out the online application, I will enter into the bank book the member’s fees that are due. This will generate an emailed invoice that states that your fees are now due. When your payments are processed a credit will be generated and another email will be sent showing that you have paid your dues. This may generate more work for me but appears that this system will show records of your payments that can be tracked. At this time it is a work in progress. Members that have filled out an application but have not paid dues by 6/30/17 will be sent a notice that tier 2 fees are due in the amount of $290.00.

Tier 1 Dues through 6/30/17 for new and returning members are $145.00. If you wish to pay via credit card, you may send an email requesting an emailed invoice that can be paid online via PayPal. (there is a credit card fee added to this transaction). Payment this way is a very good way to track an on time payment.

Checks shall be mailed to:
c/o: Monte Murray
16654 Soledad Canyon Road
PMB 161
Santa Clarita, CA 91387

Checks that are sent via USPS need to be postmarked by 6/30/17 and are the members’ responsibility to track, and to ensure that on time delivery is made. Lost mail is not the Unit’s responsibility and checks not received and postmarked on time will not be accepted. Every member has the opportunity to pay on time via credit card. Tier 2 payments will begin on 7/1/17 in the amount of $290.00.

I will be out of town from 6/24 through 7/2 and may not be able to access email or calls during this period. I can not guarantee that I will be able to issue PayPal invoices during this period. If you would like to pay via credit card, please email your request NOW to

If you know of persons that would like to join the SGV Unit, please ask them to fill out an application on

Thursday, 06/01/2017

From: Robert Aguirre, Vice President, Ratings Chairperson


I hope you all are well. I am reaching out to you to extend an opportunity to improve your officiating ratings score or just continue to work on your officiating skills during the off-season break. 

This will take place at Maranatha High School Thursday, June 8th between 4:00 pm -9:00 pm, with a 3 person mechanic showcase. Make sure to list the preferred and secondary times you wish to officiate. I will try to accommodate you. The ratings committee will be on hand to provide quality instruction in all aspects of officiating with an emphasis on knowledge of 3-person mechanics, game management, and preparing for the upcoming season. The opportunity to learn and improve your skills will be enhanced through on court sessions, and on-court evaluations, again by the Ratings Committee.

All of this will be on a first come basis. If you are interested, please contact Robert Aguirre, Ratings Chair via email at 

Best of luck with your upcoming season.

Be safe and stay healthy!

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Hello SGV Unit officials,

I hope that you are enjoying your offseason. ALL profiles are currently “inactive” on the website. To renew your membership with the SGV Unit you must complete two things:

Go to and fill out and submit the “member application” within the San Gabriel Valley section. Pay tier 1 dues for the 2017-2018 season of $145.00. This can be done by sending a check to Monte Murray, c/o SGV Unit, 16654 Soledad Canyon Road, PMB 161, Santa Clarita, CA 91387; OR pay by credit card by emailing your request to An invoice will be mailed to your address that you entered in step 1 that will include fees to cover credit card charges making the payment $152.00.

Tier 1 fees are due by midnight 6/30/17. Mailed payments must be postmarked by 6/30/17. Begining 7/1/17 dues will be $290.00 (credit card: $304.00)

Please email any questions to

Thank you

Monday, 05/15/2017

From: Todd Layfer, Board Member at Large (Assignment Chair)

Another Camp Opportunity Presented by SGV’s Very Own Lucy Banuelos!


This year we are at BIOLA in La Mirada June 16th, 17th & 18th.  We will assign games on Sunday, June 18 and give some campers an opportunity to earn back some of their camp fees by working games and pairing them up with mentors.  Our experience staff creates a learning environment and the opportunity to meet and greet some local college assignors.   I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities in my officiating career and I truly enjoy giving back and bringing together and dynamic D1 NCAA staff to mentor and help referees “make the right call”.

Any questions feel free to contact me

Lucy Banuelos

Monday, 05/12/2017

A camp opportunity being presented by our very own Esther Hsu!

Greetings Officials,

As you consider all of your officiating camp opportunities, we would like to present The 2017 Ventura Foundation Camp: 

Saturday, June 24 – Sunday, June 25, 2017
Camp Location: Ventura College
Early Registration: $125 through May 31st ($150 after May 31st)
Deadline for payment is June 12th
www.thefoundationofficialscamp .com
We are a teaching and instructional camp, focused on three-person mechanics. Our goal is to encourage and uplift in a positive camp environment, while striving to help each official grow.

Let’s build your FOUNDATION together!
Please click on the link below for more camp details and registration information.
www.thefoundationofficialscamp .com 
2017 Ventura Foundation Camp Flyer [PDF]
We look forward to seeing you in Ventura!

The Foundation,
Esther and Deon

Sunday, 03/19/2017

From Todd Layfer, Board Member at Large (Assignment Chair)

Great News to share with you! Olivia Limon and Ernesto Rodriguez have been selected to work State Championship games in Sacramento!

Congrats to both of them for doing a great job of representing themselves and the SGV unit during the playoffs!


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