Thursday, 06/08/2017

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Hello SGV Members,

Thank you to those that have filled out the “Member Application” on and to those that have sent their dues via check or Paypal. has a new function that I will try to use called “bank book”. As I come across members that have filled out the online application, I will enter into the bank book the member’s fees that are due. This will generate an emailed invoice that states that your fees are now due. When your payments are processed a credit will be generated and another email will be sent showing that you have paid your dues. This may generate more work for me but appears that this system will show records of your payments that can be tracked. At this time it is a work in progress. Members that have filled out an application but have not paid dues by 6/30/17 will be sent a notice that tier 2 fees are due in the amount of $290.00.

Tier 1 Dues through 6/30/17 for new and returning members are $145.00. If you wish to pay via credit card, you may send an email requesting an emailed invoice that can be paid online via PayPal. (there is a credit card fee added to this transaction). Payment this way is a very good way to track an on time payment.

Checks shall be mailed to:
c/o: Monte Murray
16654 Soledad Canyon Road
PMB 161
Santa Clarita, CA 91387

Checks that are sent via USPS need to be postmarked by 6/30/17 and are the members’ responsibility to track, and to ensure that on time delivery is made. Lost mail is not the Unit’s responsibility and checks not received and postmarked on time will not be accepted. Every member has the opportunity to pay on time via credit card. Tier 2 payments will begin on 7/1/17 in the amount of $290.00.

I will be out of town from 6/24 through 7/2 and may not be able to access email or calls during this period. I can not guarantee that I will be able to issue PayPal invoices during this period. If you would like to pay via credit card, please email your request NOW to

If you know of persons that would like to join the SGV Unit, please ask them to fill out an application on

Thursday, 06/01/2017

From: Robert Aguirre, Vice President, Ratings Chairperson


I hope you all are well. I am reaching out to you to extend an opportunity to improve your officiating ratings score or just continue to work on your officiating skills during the off-season break. 

This will take place at Maranatha High School Thursday, June 8th between 4:00 pm -9:00 pm, with a 3 person mechanic showcase. Make sure to list the preferred and secondary times you wish to officiate. I will try to accommodate you. The ratings committee will be on hand to provide quality instruction in all aspects of officiating with an emphasis on knowledge of 3-person mechanics, game management, and preparing for the upcoming season. The opportunity to learn and improve your skills will be enhanced through on court sessions, and on-court evaluations, again by the Ratings Committee.

All of this will be on a first come basis. If you are interested, please contact Robert Aguirre, Ratings Chair via email at 

Best of luck with your upcoming season.

Be safe and stay healthy!

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Hello SGV Unit officials,

I hope that you are enjoying your offseason. ALL profiles are currently “inactive” on the website. To renew your membership with the SGV Unit you must complete two things:

Go to and fill out and submit the “member application” within the San Gabriel Valley section. Pay tier 1 dues for the 2017-2018 season of $145.00. This can be done by sending a check to Monte Murray, c/o SGV Unit, 16654 Soledad Canyon Road, PMB 161, Santa Clarita, CA 91387; OR pay by credit card by emailing your request to An invoice will be mailed to your address that you entered in step 1 that will include fees to cover credit card charges making the payment $152.00.

Tier 1 fees are due by midnight 6/30/17. Mailed payments must be postmarked by 6/30/17. Begining 7/1/17 dues will be $290.00 (credit card: $304.00)

Please email any questions to

Thank you

Monday, 05/15/2017

From: Todd Layfer, Board Member at Large (Assignment Chair)

Another Camp Opportunity Presented by SGV’s Very Own Lucy Banuelos!


This year we are at BIOLA in La Mirada June 16th, 17th & 18th.  We will assign games on Sunday, June 18 and give some campers an opportunity to earn back some of their camp fees by working games and pairing them up with mentors.  Our experience staff creates a learning environment and the opportunity to meet and greet some local college assignors.   I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities in my officiating career and I truly enjoy giving back and bringing together and dynamic D1 NCAA staff to mentor and help referees “make the right call”.

Any questions feel free to contact me

Lucy Banuelos

Monday, 05/12/2017

A camp opportunity being presented by our very own Esther Hsu!

Greetings Officials,

As you consider all of your officiating camp opportunities, we would like to present The 2017 Ventura Foundation Camp: 

Saturday, June 24 – Sunday, June 25, 2017
Camp Location: Ventura College
Early Registration: $125 through May 31st ($150 after May 31st)
Deadline for payment is June 12th
www.thefoundationofficialscamp .com
We are a teaching and instructional camp, focused on three-person mechanics. Our goal is to encourage and uplift in a positive camp environment, while striving to help each official grow.

Let’s build your FOUNDATION together!
Please click on the link below for more camp details and registration information.
www.thefoundationofficialscamp .com 
2017 Ventura Foundation Camp Flyer [PDF]
We look forward to seeing you in Ventura!

The Foundation,
Esther and Deon

Sunday, 03/19/2017

From Todd Layfer, Board Member at Large (Assignment Chair)

Great News to share with you! Olivia Limon and Ernesto Rodriguez have been selected to work State Championship games in Sacramento!

Congrats to both of them for doing a great job of representing themselves and the SGV unit during the playoffs!

Sunday, 12/11/2016

From Robert Aguirre, Vice President


We’re having a Holiday Party with a twist, to help fill my good friend Chiedu (Del Rio) Onwughalu’s family who los their father this year.  Chiedu was a past SGV and current member of Foothill Unit.  In the past, traditional we have donated toys to help those who are less fortunate with moderate donations, I felt this year we can help a friend, brother and fellow colleague.

With your help, bring a small gift or donation which one of his six kids could enjoy and love, to help make the holidays fun for all.

Also, join us and share your stories with your season on the court thus far with good friends and cheer and have a good time as the Holidays are here!

All this will take place Friday, December 16, 2016 after 8 pm and … at LOVE HATE ROCK BAR located at 5226 Pomona Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90022. (Cross streets near Atlantic/Pomona off the 60 freeway)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call upon me

Thank you for your support. 

Friday, 12/02/2016

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

I received an email from the Southeastern Unit Secretary inviting any SGV Unit members to their makeup meeting if hours are needed. Some of you may find this very beneficial.

Southeastern Unit Makeup Meeting
Thursday, 12/08/2016 at 7 pm
Gardena High School
1301 W 182nd Street, Gardena CA 90248

Monday, 11/21/2016

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Good luck this week during your mandatory floor practicals/scrimmages. Please make sure that you legibly PRINT your name on your instructor’s attendance sheet.

Scrimmage attendees: If your printed name can not be read it will be difficult to match your name on the master attendance sheets to give you credit. Please DO NOT contact me (phone, text, or email), to inform me that you attended your scrimmage. Your SCRIMMAGE INSTRUCTOR will be the only person I will accept attendance from. 

Scrimmage instructors: Please text or email a typed list of your scrimmage attendees to me so that the members will receive credit. Please include the scrimmage location, time of the scheduled scrimmage, and the type of game, (I.e. Girl JV).

661-644-5100 or

All members MUST be ON TIME and must stay throughout the entire scrimmage to receive credit. Members that are more than 30 minutes late, or leave early will not receive attendance credit. 

Have a great time AND: Happy Thanksgiving to ALL. 

Thursday, 11/03/2016

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Congratulations to the winners of Wednesday’s elections. Your elected officials are:

for the 2017/2018 season Secretary/Treasurer: Monte Murray

Board Members-at-Large for the 2017/2018 & 2018/2019 seasons: Ignacio Alvarez & Anabell Ramirez.

Wednesday, 11/02/2016

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Qualified members may vote. This means that if you started the 2016 meetings in good standing and a Qualified SGV Unit member as of the beginning of our fiscal year and end of last season on April 1, 2016, you are currently Qualified and may vote. You must be present to vote.
The following is a note from our Unit President:

Fellow SGV members,

Tonight are the elections for our unit, and I hope everyone can attend tonight’s meeting.

Below our the names of the candidates for board:

Ignacio Alvarez
Khiem Bahn
Nathan Bond
Stephanie Hunter
Eduardo Leon
Olivia Limon
Anabell Ramirez

See you tonight!,
Miguel Gutierrez

Monday, 10/31/2016

Saturday, 10/22/2016

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Study Guide Reminder

 The Study Guide must be completed online by 8:30 pm 10/23/16. That will be tomorrow evening. Don’t wait until the last minute to try and go online as the server may be slower. If you fail to complete this on time, you will receive a failing score and MUST complete and PASS the Make Up Classification exam AND the Classification Exam to become Qualified. 

By looking at the list of completed exams, MANY of you still need to complete this task.

Tuesday, 10/18/2016

From: Robert Aguirre
SGV Unit Members,
On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, South El Monte HS (1001 N. Durfee Ave., South El Monte, CA 91733) will have four games 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm and 7:30pm. You have to contact Robert Aguirre at or Anabel Ramirez at, if you want your rating to be re-evaluated.

Monday, 10/17/2016

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

SGV Unit Members,

Tonight will be our 2nd General Membership Meeting that will take place at Flintridge Prep HS. The general meeting place is the Norris Auditorium.  We will meet there first at 6:30. From the upper parking lot (On Crown), enter through the south gate.  It’s the round building directly in front of you with the clock tower on top of it.  From the lower parking lot (we can use both tonight), enter the campus, walk past the gym, and go upstairs.  The auditorium will be to your right.

If you plan on paying dues tonight bring a credit card (VISA/MC). Tonight is the last date that dues will be accepted for Qualified Membership. 

SGV Unit C.B.O.A. Constitution & By-Laws if for your records. 

constitution-bylaws-11-14-11 [PDF]

Saturday, 10/08/2016

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

SGV Members,

The “Requirements” document should be able to answer any and all of your questions on how to become and remain qualified so you can be assigned and keep an assignment schedule. Any deviation from these requirements will place you in jeopardy of not receiving or losing game assignments. Please refer to this document first. Then, if you have questions please reach out with an email. 

membership-requirements_2017 [PDF]

Friday, 10/07/2016

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Dear Members,

At Saturday’s meeting, you will need to sign in for attendance AND you will need to sign for your packet with your instructor. Here is the list of all paid members and instructor names. Find your instructor to obtain your packet. 

First Name Last Name Hrs Needed Instructors
Antwine Adkins   Triplett/Bond
John Adriano   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Dave Alegria   Triplett/Bond
Joel Alvarez   Alvarez/Hernandez
Raul Arias   Alvarez/Hernandez
Kaitlyn Arick   Cosic/Hsu
Angel Badea   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Angel Badea   Cosic/Hsu
Khiem Banh   Gutierrez/Guardado
Justice Bolden   Stinnett/Williams
Cesar Bravo   Alvarez/Hernandez
Rick Bryant   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Steve Burns   Cosic/Hsu
Rudy Caguioa   Stinnett/Williams
Minnie Caluag   Stinnett/Williams
Martel Carbadas   Alvarez/Hernandez
Alex Cervantes   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Ken Chan   Cosic/Hsu
Carl Chavez   Aguirre/Lopez
Paul Chavez   Ramirez/Centeno
Richard Chavez   Gutierrez/Guardado
Carl Chavis   Gutierrez/Guardado
Peter Chow   Alvarez/Hernandez
Johnson Chung   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Fernando Cisneros   Triplett/Bond
Scott Cooper   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Marcus Corner   Ramirez/Centeno
John Cortez   Triplett/Bond
Robert Cota   Aguirre/Lopez
Marco Cuellar   Aguirre/Lopez
Richard Cuellar   Stinnett/Williams
Jennifer Daclan   Aguirre/Lopez
Keoni David   Alvarez/Hernandez
Terrance Davis   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Arath De La Torre   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Jack De La Torre   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Reynaldo De La Torre   Aguirre/Lopez
Binh Do   Gutierrez/Guardado
Tim Dow   Gutierrez/Guardado
John Finn   Aguirre/Lopez
Davon Fisher   Ramirez/Centeno
Art Fong   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Rafael Frayre   Stinnett/Williams
Todd Frost   Ramirez/Centeno
Haymen Gabru   Triplett/Bond
Hovig Garabedian   Aguirre/Lopez
Armando Garcia   Ramirez/Centeno
Patty Gastelum   Aguirre/Lopez
Jared Gibson   Gutierrez/Guardado
Wendell Gilbert   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Alex Gomez   Stinnett/Williams
Art Gomez   Alvarez/Hernandez
Vartan Gurunian   Ramirez/Centeno
Matt Gutierrez   Gutierrez/Guardado
Michael Guzman   Alvarez/Hernandez
Drew Harris   Gutierrez/Guardado
Juan Hernandez   Gutierrez/Guardado
Patrick Hernandez, Sr.   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Vincent Hon   Stinnett/Williams
Elliott Huckaby   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Stephanie Hunter   Triplett/Bond
Richard I   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Lawrence Jackson   Triplett/Bond
Ray Jackson   Cosic/Hsu
Ethan Jones   Stinnett/Williams
Joseph Kearney   Aguirre/Lopez
Jeff Klein   Cosic/Hsu
Trevor Kuresa   Cosic/Hsu
Alec Kurkjian   Alvarez/Hernandez
Robert Lara   Stinnett/Williams
Todd Layfer   Alvarez/Hernandez
Eddie Leon   Gutierrez/Guardado
Olivia Limon   Cosic/Hsu
Jeff Logan   Triplett/Bond
Noemi Luquin   Aguirre/Lopez
Jimmy Marin   Triplett/Bond
Richard Martinez   Ramirez/Centeno
Michael Mason   Ramirez/Centeno
Tammi Matsukiyo   Ramirez/Centeno
Kameron McKlinton   Aguirre/Lopez
Jonathan McNairy   Stinnett/Williams
Eric Mejorado   Alvarez/Hernandez
Paul Meza   Ramirez/Centeno
Ben Millan   Aguirre/Lopez
Justin Mills   Aguirre/Lopez
Jose Miramontes   Ramirez/Centeno
Darryl Mitchell   Alvarez/Hernandez
Mike Miyashima   Alvarez/Hernandez
Michael Mojica   Gutierrez/Guardado
Vincent Montanez   Triplett/Bond
Rudy Morales   Triplett/Bond
Monte Murray   Gutierrez/Guardado
James Nichols   Stinnett/Williams
Phillip Nozaki   Triplett/Bond
Mike Nugent   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Christian Oliva   Stinnett/Williams
Humberto Oseguera   Stinnett/Williams
Jaime Oseguera   Triplett/Bond
Kevin Paris   Banuelos/Rodriguez
David Paz   Ramirez/Centeno
Ron Quarterman   Gutierrez/Guardado
Nancy Ramirez   Ramirez/Centeno
Jenny Recano   Alvarez/Hernandez
Juan Reynaga   Aguirre/Lopez
Richard Rodriguez   Triplett/Bond
Doug Rominger   Triplett/Bond
Jorge Romo   Gutierrez/Guardado
Aneli Rosas   Ramirez/Centeno
Lorenzo Ruiz   Aguirre/Lopez
Misty Ruiz   Cosic/Hsu
Oscar Ruiz   Aguirre/Lopez
LaVelle Sanders   Gutierrez/Guardado
Alex Sandoval   Cosic/Hsu
Marlene Sandoval   Stinnett/Williams
Jerald Simpson   Cosic/Hsu
Jimmie Smith   Triplett/Bond
David Solzberg   Cosic/Hsu
Derrick Strings   Ramirez/Centeno
Kevin Su   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Bill Sullivan   Gutierrez/Guardado
Phillip Swenson   Cosic/Hsu
Howard Taylor   Cosic/Hsu
Gary Tolley   Gutierrez/Guardado
Joe Tripoli   Cosic/Hsu
Fabian Valdez   Ramirez/Centeno
Adrienne Velasquez   Aguirre/Lopez
Gary Verdugo   Gutierrez/Guardado
Mike Walker   Cosic/Hsu
Catherine Williams   Stinnett/Williams
Carlos Williams Jr.   Triplett/Bond
Andy Wing   Triplett/Bond
Darren Winkley   Triplett/Bond
Don Withers   Cosic/Hsu
Jeff Wong   Aguirre/Lopez
Joe Wong   Alvarez/Hernandez
John Wray   Banuelos/Rodriguez
Jeff Wrightman   Cosic/Hsu
Ken Wu   Alvarez/Hernandez
Darin Yamada   Alvarez/Hernandez
Jung Yu   Stinnett/Williams

Friday, 09/30/2016

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Hello SGV Unit Members,

The season is here! Please refer to the Unit Calendar on The first “Rookie Only” meeting will take place on 10/3/16 at Flintridge Prep High School. The first General meeting for ALL members will be Saturday, October 8, 2016, at SCHURR HIGH SCHOOL in the SMALL GYM. The meeting will begin with the distribution of instructional materials at 8:30 a.m. This meeting will conclude by noon. (It will not be a double meeting as previously discussed).

US Officials Supplies will be in attendance to display officiating supplies at Schurr High School.

The rating committee has completed ratings for the upcoming season. The Board has approved the ratings with a few adjustments. These will be posted on before the 10/8/16 meeting. Members that have not paid dues through 9/29/16 will not be listed in the ratings. These members may not be assigned games when the Assignor initially publishes schedules.

Throughout the spring and summer I noted that ALL members, both new and returning MUST fill out the “Member Application” on If you haven’t completed this you are not yet a member for the 2016-2017 season and are not listed as active on the website. In addition, if you are a returning member from last season and have not yet paid dues the tier 2 amount is $290.00 and shall be paid via Visa/MC through PayPal. There is also a 5% charged added for handling.

Tuesday, 05/10/2016

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Hello Members,
Your new Board of Directors has been at work. President Miguel Gutierrez has led two meetings and welcomes:

VP: Robert Aguirre


  • Todd Layfer
  • Eugene Hernandez
  • Rick Bryant
  • Anabelle Ramirez
  • Ignacio Alvarez

S/T: Monte Murray

Due to issues with the City of Pasadena, Maranatha High School can no longer offer its facilities to third parties including the SGV Unit. The Board is currently looking for options. This makes it a possibility that the Unit may need to pay rent for meeting space.

The ratings chair, VP Rob Aguirre has put together a committee and hopes to be able to view all members that wish to increase their rating and to possibly use current technology to record members’ floor work.

The Board has approved the following fee schedule for dues for the 2016-2017 season:

$145 until 6/30/2016
$290 beginning 7/1/2016
Dues that are mailed must be postmarked by 6/30/2016 for eligibility for the $145 price.

Mail dues to (and make check to)


Mail to :
c/o Monte Murray
16654 Soledad Canyon Road
PMB 161
Santa Clarita, CA 91387

To pay via VISA/MC send an email request to and an invoice with be emailed to you.

Monday, 05/02/2016

From: Dave Alegria, Instructional Chair

Hello SGV Unit Members,

I hope this email finds you all doing well and enjoying the offseason. This summer’s training and ratings clinic for our unit will be held June 16-19 at Glendale College. The games on the 16th and 17th will be boys varsity games. These two dates will be for three-person training. The games will be played from 1pm-9pm both days. The games on the 18th and 19th, are lower level boys games. These games are meant for newer officials, and will be  mostly two person officiated games. The times for these games will be 11am-5pm. I urge you all to take advantage of this opportunity to be observed by our new ratings chairman, Vice President Robert Aguirre. His newly assembled ratings committee will be in attendance as well. The unit assignor, Ignacio Alvarez, will be there. I will be in attendance as will the instructional staff, to offer feedback and advice in order to help you advance in our unit. The clinic is free of charge. Lunch, unlimited drinks, and snacks will be provided. Contact Nacho,  as soon as possible to reserve a spot. Our unit clinics are fun and generate excellent camaraderie within the association.

Our association President, Miguel Gutierrez has already signed up to work a game. This past season, Miguel worked the L.A. City Section Open Division Championship, and the Southern Section Open Division Consolation Championship. In the State championship tournament, he worked the Southern Region Open Division Championship and the Division-1 State Championship. If he can get on the court to work at our clinic, then so can the rest of us!

I hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 03/08/2016

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Please keep Unit member Jackie Stinnett in your thoughts and prayers as we send condolences to her for the passing of her Mother, Belen Escarano.

Queen of Heaven Mortuary
2161 S Fullerton Road
Rowland Heights Ca 91748

Friday, March 11, 2016

Thursday, 03/03/2016

From: Monte Murray, Secretary Treasurer

Following is information on an a couple of upcoming camps that several SGV Unit members have attended in the past. Click on the links for additional information.

Good morning!

We are excited to announce our 2016 Southern Arizona Officials Camp dates! Presently, we have two camps that are open for registration.

June 2-5 will focus exclusively on the fundamentals of 3-person mechanics. The level of play will be varsity and junior varsity boys’ basketball only. Our staff will consist of Division I men’s and women’s officials and we have invited some college assigners to attend. We will begin the evening of June 2 and camp will end on the afternoon of June 5. Registration is limited and camp is filled on a first come, first serve basis. Your spot in camp is not guaranteed until payment is received in full. This camp requires 3-person experience.

June 9-11 will be an intense 2 day camp, with a day of intense classroom work followed by an intense day of on being on the court. This camp will feature elite high school boys’ varsity basketball, in conjunction with the University of Arizona men’s team camp. Camp will begin on the evening of June 9 and will conclude on the night of June 11. College experience is required for this camp. In order to apply, please sign up online and submit a resume to We will notify all campers by April 3 if they are selected to attend.

For more information and to sign up for our camps, please visit:

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